Experience Wellness with our Pain Management Solutions
Experience Wellness with our Pain Management Solutions
Bed Wedge Pillow Memory Foam for Leg Support for back hip and knee pain relief
Bed Wedge Pillow Memory Foam for Leg Support for back hip and knee pain relief
Bed Wedge Pillow Memory Foam for Leg Support for back hip and knee pain relief

Bed Wedge Pillow Memory Foam for Leg Support for back hip and knee pain relief

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Are you spending countless nights tossing and turning, sleep too far beyond your reach? Does your back pain keep you up every day, leaving you sleepless, grumpy, and pretty much useless in the morning? Bed Wedge Pillows are here to help you out. This product in now being increasingly used for relief from a wide variety of medical conditions. This triangle-shaped pillow can be used for a multitude of problems which are preventing you from getting any kind of sleep.

Product Description :

This product is essentially a pillow made of moderately firm foam. It has a triangular shape with a tapered incline that allows you to be in a semi-upright position during sleeping. It can be used in several different positions, such as support for your neck while you are sleeping, for your back. This product is designed in the best possible manner to take pressure off your back, knees as well as hips. This not only ensures an undisturbed and painless sleep but also ensures absolute comfort. Whether it is acid reflux or neck pain, this pillow is the weapon you need to fight it all off.

Key Features :

  • Sleep like a baby: The inclined side essentially helps those with heartburn or any burning sensation, due to acid reflux or morning congestion. Acid reflux is known to wake people up at night. Hence, the pillow ensures uninterrupted sleep.
  • Alternative option for Readers: Are you a bookworm who likes to read before going to sleep every day? You can place the pillow on your lap and use it to keep books or even things like laptops and tablets.
  • Comfort provider for all activities: You can put the pillow behind you on the bed, and comfortably lounge, or even watch your Netflix show for hours, without any discomfort or pain.


1. Question:  How do I use this pillow if I have respiratory problems?

Answer:  While you sleep on your side, position the incline to around 30-40 degrees. This will help you get relief from respiratory problems.  

2. Question:  What conditions can I use it for?

Answer:  The bed wedge pillow is increasingly being adopted to get relief from specific medical conditions like acid refluxes, snoring or respiratory issues preventing sound sleep, common cold or back pain in pregnancy.  

3. Question: Can I use this if I have a sprained ankle?

Answer:  Yes, you can use this as a knee pillow, which will provide you relief from any pain caused due to a sprained knee or ankle.  

4. Question: Is recurrent use of this product safe?

Answer:   As of now, there have been no complaints of any side effects. Do ask a medical professional if you have any doubts as to your medical condition being aggravated by this product. 

5. Question: What if this product gets damaged?

Answer:  The product is made of the best possible material and is fairly sturdy and durable. You can be guaranteed longevity. Moreover, the product has an easy return and exchange policy.

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